Game description

Last night, the Johnson’s family was having a private party. It seemed like everything was going great at the party. The hosts were satisfied, the guests were having fun, until the moment when they realized that one of the guests was dead. A mysterious death happened at the party and the reason for that death is still not clear. The Johnson’s are worried about the whole situation and they wish they have the answers about the whole situation as soon as possible.

The two detectives, Thomas and Karen, together with the policeman Andrew, come to the house of the Johnson’s family. The detectives are here to find out what happened last night at the party. The case needs to be explored, so they can find out if the person died from a natural death or maybe it was about something else, an accident or a murder.

There were many people at the party, so there will be many traces that need to be considered and explored, to get to the truth.We can also take part in the investigation and try to find out what happened last night at Johnson’s home.

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